How Do Assembly timesheets work?


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Assembly was created out of necessity. The necessity being the total lack of time-management tools that adequately support modern time tracking in small teams, and here’s why.

Assembly timesheets are transparent

Alternative tools are simply not transparent enough. Assembly time tracking is focused on being transparent, to help you understand how much time you spend working, and to let your team know when you are working. The benefits are two-fold. You can easily see when your team is available, and when you’ve worked a little too much, or maybe not quite enough.

Assembly holiday tracking makes time off a breeze

We’ve all been there, whether as a manager or a team member. Sending that awkward email to request time off. What do you do when it goes unanswered? Do you follow up? Wait a little?

If you have no formal leave request process, chances are you won’t have a dedicated holiday planner, either. How many days off do I have? Is X in work on Tuesday? All valid questions that seriously hinder your team’s ability to operate.

Assembly has dedicated holiday management tools, that enable you to see how many days of holiday you have, and an automated process to request holiday leave.

Submit your request, and we’ll tell your manager that you wish to book a few days off. Once it’s approved, you’ll be notified.

Assembly Flexible time tracking

Assembly supports flexible time management. As a manager, you can create working policies that allow your team to work when it’s best for them.

Our timesheet tools will also calculate flexible time, if they work a little extra, they can use that time to book leave.

Assembly helps you understand your time

We offer optional emails that let you know about your working patterns. Maybe you’re working a little too much this week, maybe you always start at 7:55, or finish at 5:30 on average, we’ll show you some cool insights to help you make informed decisions to really let you build that work-life balance.

Is Assembly just for teams?

No, of course not!

Assembly works great for individuals who would like to have a better understanding of their time too - and it’s free!

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