How to use IP Locks to authorize remote teams


How to use IP Locks to authorize remote teams image

How to use IP Locks to authorize remote teams

We’re excited to share a new feature called IP Locking.

With IP locking, it is now possible to create a list of authorized IP addresses that can access your team’s Assembly dashboard.

Why is this useful?

Remote teams. Unlike onsite teams, it’s much more likely that remote teams may have reduced device security, which can lead to a bad actor accessing private information from a company device.

IP Locking ensures that only authorized IP addresses can access the Assembly dashboard, preventing stolen equipment from breaching your company information.

Onsite teams. Teams that primarily work onsite will almost never need to access their dashboard while at home, or away from the office. Locking the team to a designated office IP address helps to enforce a zero-trust policy to ensure the calendars, slots and projects aren’t altered when they shouldn’t be.

Hybrid Teams. As a security practice, enforcing strict access control is a great way to ensure that your team’s information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Be it at the office or at home, you can create IP locks to prevent the wrong people from accessing the app in the wrong place.

How to enforce IP Locks

It’s simple. Head to your “Manage Team” dashboard, and under IP Locking input the IP address you wish to whitelist. This will enable IP locking, meaning users from a different IP cannot access the dashboard. You may add as many IP locks as you wish, and remove them just as easily.

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