Migrations have landed!


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When you begin using a new platform, something many people overlook is the ability to export their data, and migrate to another service, should they decide to make a move.

We understand that many teams will have tens, if not hundreds of projects and tasks on their plate, all stored on their current platform - which, well - traps them. They don’t have time to move 100s of tasks, one by one.

Which is why we’re extremely excited to announce platform migrations have landed. You can now import your Asana and Trello projects into Assembly with our migration system.

To begin migrating your boards to Assembly projects and tasks, head to “Manage team”, and scroll to project migrations. Keep in mind that both platforms have slightly different methods of allowing us to access to content, but we’ve worked to make the process as simple as absolutely possible.

In most cases, a platform migration to assembly takes only 2 minutes!

We’re super stoked to share this - let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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