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Having worked across multiple agencies, startups and larger companies, it pained me to see the desperate list of software used to collaborate, manage projects, and manage staff time.

Let’s face it, there are 3 pieces of software that solve 3 critical issues.

  • Messaging
  • Project management
  • Time management


Think Slack, Discord, Teams. Your company needs a messaging service to asynchronously work and communicate, and there are a lot of big players in this space, a lot of them, with really fair pricing structures. They do their job well, but they try to do other things, too; Polls, tasks, calling, and in a lot of cases, Project management, and well, it’s rarely very good.

Project Management

Asana, Jira, Trello, Monday, the list goes on. Having a project management tool is mission-critical to almost every business. Tracking projects, tasks and billable time is a requirement for a lot of agencies, and reasonably so, but let’s look at it from a bird's-eye view, these tools are very much focused on handling time - Project time, which lends itself very nicely to our next piece of software.

Time management

You need to keep tabs on your team - what time did they start today? When did they finish? How many hours did they fit in this week? How much holiday do they have? Where are they spending their time? All valid questions, but not all are answered by time management tools. You’ll see a lot of tools are old, ugly, slow, and cumbersome to navigate.

Boil it down

Project management & time management. Ultimately, both aspects heavily rely on understanding where time is spent. One to know how much a client should be billed, another to identify how much someone has worked, and how much they should be paid.

You see where this is going. Why are these separate services when they are intrinsically linked by time? ****Combine the prices of both software for 50 people, and you’re looking at a price, at minium of £635. You can forget the ability to measure staff time against projects in comparison to their working time, too.

We got tired of that.

Introducing the solution - Assembly

We offer modern flexible time management systems and powerful project management tools that when combined unlock transparency, productivity, and efficiency.

What’s best? Our simple pricing system is 90% cheaper than competitors, costing £60 for 50 seats. With a 14-day free trial, no CC required means you can evaluate Assembly, and if you like it, save your business thousands over the course of a year.

Get started today.

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