Wave goodbye to archaic productivity tools 👋

  • 🔥 Blazing fast task organisation
  • ⌚ Track how long you work
  • 👀 Integrate your Google calendar
  • 🥰 Productivity reports and daily briefings

14-day free trial, no CC required Free for individuals, forever.

Powerful, flexible, simple.

  • Track your time

    Track how long you spend working

  • Organise your tasks

    Tick your tasks off and see your progress

  • Manage your projects

    Understand project timelines & status

  • Clarify your calendar

    Know what's happening today

  • Invite the office

    Clearly communicate tasks with your team

  • Track bills

    Track customer billing against tasks

See your timesheet, who's online, and what's happening.

Assembly dashboard

View your projects, and easily find what you need.

Assembly dashboard

Understand billing, view tasks, comments and files.

Assembly dashboard

Track tasks, communicate and understand your workload.

Assembly dashboard

Daily briefing

Today you have...

A helpful daily briefing, to start the day on the right foot.

Receive a daily briefing every morning to understand your workload, and know exactly how long your tasks will take.

All the features you need
to run your small business

Simple billing

Our simple billing system takes ambiguity and replaces it with simplicity. Our focus on small business means you pay for what you use, nothing more.

Anytime, anywhere

Your team can access their dashboard from any device, at any time. Our auto-scaling infrastructure means your dashboard will always be available.

Robust analytics

Our analytics dashboard generates actionable data. Set up alerts, and receive weekly analytical emails to help you understand how your team works.

Powerful tools

Mass-assign holidays, change time-slots, calculate flexible time, request leave, and everything else you need. Integrate with your favourite tools.

Project management

Manage flexible time & project time with our integrated project management tools, saving your organisation thousands. Understand where time goes.

First-class support

Our specialist team is here for you every step of the way to help you utilise the power of Assembly, and help you when you need it most.

Your team,
Your way

Visualize your projects in a way that suits your team.

  • list style
  • list style
  • list style

Manage your time like a pro


Flexible time

Work an extra 20 minutes a day? We'll record it, and save it as flexible time, giving you the opportunity to let staff exchange flexible time as holiday.


Defined leave request process -

Manage holiday, leave and sickness through the dashboard. Instantly notifying you of new holiday requests, there's no more awkward emails and spreadsheets.


Know what's up - and when

Our analytical dashboards let you know who's working the most, when they're taking holiday, and when they aren't taking enough holiday.


No office? No problem

No more worrying if someone is online. Know when your team are online, and stop the awkward "are you here?" messages - no one likes those.


Understand working patterns

Generate working hour reports based on time-frames to better understand how your team is working, and stop worrying about payroll hours.


Customise your team

Custom start times, working hour & day requirements, notifications and more - we work with all teams, remote, hybrid, in-office, or that weird in-between.

No card required.


Project management tools to boot

  • Client bill forecasting

    Assign bills to client project tasks to help your team gracefully avoid overspending on project budgets.

  • Project visibility

    Personalised dashboards, feeds and notifications mean your team will always know what's on.

  • Central file storage

    Store assets, sheets, packages and more directly on your projects, keeping everything in one place.

  • Project communication

    Easily communicate project & task requirements by commenting on projects and tasks.

  • Calendar integrations

    Integrate your Google Calendar to see your daily briefing, and set focus time.

Migrate your team in style.

Hundreds of projects on Trello or Asana?

Our automatic migration tools will move all of your users, projects and tasks to Assembly in minutes.

Migrate now


Let's see if we can help.

Yes. Assembly timesheets & project management tools are free for individuals, forever.

If you have a team, you can start a 14-day free trial to evaluate Assembly.
All Assembly features are available to every package, individual through to bespoke enterprise packages.

Assembly pricing is based on seated-tiers. For example, 2-10 users (tier 2) is £20 per month. If you upgrade to tier 3, which costs £30 per month, you will pay the difference for your first month, in this case, £10.

Assembly billing works on an exclusively monthly basis, to keep things flexible. We don't believe in yearly discounts - we believe in charging a fair price monthly, and not compromising flexibility to charge yearly.
Assembly Timesheets allow you and your team to track time against working days, helping you accurately understand how long you, or your team have spent working.

Assembly time management provides reporting tools to enable digital nomads and team managers to identify how time is being used, where it's being used, and how much time is being used.
You can import Users, Projects and tasks from Asana to Assembly within minutes.

Our Trello migration allows boards, lists and cards to be imported to Assembly.
Assembly project management tools allow your team to efficiently manage projects, tasks, workloads and client billing.

Included in every tier, Assembly PM tools contain smart notifications, file storage, comments, and multiple ways to represent your workload, to make it work for you - keeping things organised.

Your Assembly projects are constantly monitored by our advanced delay forecasting tool, which will alert you and your project manager when a task might not be complete on time.

Assembly Tasks are flexible to be a todo-list, a waterfall project, a sprint, or a kanban board.
Assembly works with your Google calendar to help prepare you for your day, by providing a daily briefing of all upcoming meetings.

Assembly Focus time allows you to slot events into your calendar which are dedicated to getting work done - blocking out those meetings that magically appear in your calendar.
Assembly uses working policies, allowing teams to create highly customisable flexible working policies, that work across international timezones for those truly remote teams.


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